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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  January 14, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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ln ytafo r >> at this stage in the game, it's very easy to keep up with. except the one little burst you see that occasionally pushes the city out of view right there.
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there is no lake effect with this yet. and i add the word yet. because the clippers stillti coming through. it is going to be on the final stages of the that we might see a little lake effect try to develop. d and in northern. but you can see it's an over all very light snow. as of raoeugtd now. we'll widen the view. this puts it into perspective a small system. coming through tonight -fpt again, general accumulation will be about an inch or so. north. >> little or none to the south. >> the search is over. the browns have a new coach. >> hue jackson. the third coach since 2012. >> the browns interviewed 7 people. and talked to jackson twice.
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man they wanted. and they made it happen. >> jackson comes to cleveland after serving the past two years. as the cincinnati offensive
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>> . brought on board baseball guru. g from the new york mets. a statistics and analytics guy. jackson was not turned off by the number crunching that was being discussed. >>g i like being cutting edge. i try to be innovative. we want to be cunning edge in everything that we do. in this building. >> i don't know johnny personally. i know who he is. at the same time. ii have to give everybody on our football team the fair opportunity to see who they are.
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i feel very comfortable and confident. that i can get it turned. >> i belief that. and i expect it get it done. >> the next order of business will be to get a staff in business. he hadad 142 texts from other coaches congratulating him. and hoping to get their shot with jackson. >> all right. one of the catch phrases from today. was. we're chasing greatness. and jackson knows catch phrases don't win football games.
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>> a crash involving 3 school buss wednesday afternoon. >> right when it happened. everybody got up and started screaming. >> . a chaotic scene. the buss were fully loaded with middle and high school students headed home. >> the bus driver was walking around: making sure everybody was all right. >> this police photographs show the extent of the damage. the lieutenant says, it was a chain reaction. rear end collision. >>ar . the third bus in line hit the second. which then pushed the second bus
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>> >> although the girls aren't anxious to ride the bus again. >> i'm scared. because just that was so random. >> the accident is under investigation. with both parents and police
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>> . generally the buss are safe. boy. something went wrong today. >> the investigation is ongoing. o and no other details can be released. at this time. > . new at ten. ohio lawmakers getting ready to set a medical marijuana. tomorrow the leader of the ohio house plans to name a task force to review the issue. state lawmakers have been examining steps to take to address medical marijuana.
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which would have legalized pot. for recreational and medicine use. >> . less than an hour away from finding out if there's a new billionaire out there. >> . records certificating jackpot for report set onal and a half billion dollars. >> . people are still buying tickets. and of course. why wouldn't you. >> . 1.5 billion. we could i think we were going to make. buy a donut machine last time we talked. >> the odds of winning not that high. it's about one in 3 hundred million. of that happening. but if you do, you get the lucky
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that is 1.5 billion.on a lump sum of about 980 million. or those annual. >> i really don't know. i play a lot of golf. >> . do the right things with it. there's a lot of options. >> . i would buy an island. quit work.
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>> update tonight on the case against a police dogs alleged killer. >> . faced with a tough task. how they finally managed to get the ice covered car free.
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have you ever watched snow flakes come down. and really examine them. they are different kinds. clutches, tphraeublg flakes. needles. and these things.s. appear to be more of a snow pellet. with the little spikes on them. very interesting. and of course that goes along with the current air temperature. and the temperature profile. the clouds. it's very dynamic process. and very interesting. so check it out. with the light snow coming down. this is the clipper. it's a light snow. except in the green where it picks up a bit more. and so. in the areas we might see an inch. plus.
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the kinds of super heavy bandedan snow that we saw. 24 hours ago. visibility the lowest right now. 1.8 miles. the rest between 6 and nine miles. akron canton. to cleveland. there's the lake water. 38. mostly open. there's enough cold air. we could see a little bit of lake effect at the tail end. tomorrow morning. m before it quits. look to the west. wow. there's a huge bulls eye. >> how about a 19 topbts. with rising temperatures. eventually 22 by morning. light snow. generally about an inch. might be augmented a bit.
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effect areas. then tomorrow, snow ending in the morning. afternoon sun. near normal high of 34. >> a little bit of a break. tha good news.
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it is not yet clear if the sailor was speaking voluntarily. v the apology comes after ten navy sailors surrendered to iran troops. and detained. however u.s. officials tried to paint the quick release of the
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>>c . it's not clear why they were in iran waters. >> fresh off his strait of state of the union address. president obama traveled to an omaha living room. the president visited the home of lisa martin. the high schoolteacher wrote to the president last year. over her concerns about the what the world might be like when her newborn grows up. from there the president continued his post address tour in louisiana. >> >> to look for victims. after the avalanche. on a closed slope. two french students were killed. along with a ukraine skier. the area was under an increased avalanche risk. at the time. >> . deposition for bill cosby wife.
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she is appealing her subpoena. arguing she shouldn't have to testify against her husband. cosby is accused in a lawsuit. of defaming 7 women. who accuse him of sexual assault.t. his preliminary hearing in
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from 2005. to 2008. kings ridge boulevard in wads worth. was home to the great lebron james. and now this stunning custom two story, five bedroom home. nestled on two acres.
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for the die hard king james fan. to the tune of 665 thousand 8us hundred dollars. >> . not that everyone is going to be the right buyer. for this home. >> . but nationally. he's known by everyone that we felt it would be a bonus. to a buyer. >> the current owners say other than the beauty of the home. the lebron james connection has been a bonus. >> . the excitement of lebron james and the nba. and his history here. and the akron area. and cleveland area. >> . but it's also been a challenge. case in point. this coat rack. perfect for someone who is 6
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kids. letters from kids. to him. those i make sure he gets. >> with the high ceilings. and master suite. haven't sold you yet. just think about the famous former owner. that will forever be attached to this property. fit for a king. we love the home. whether he lived here or not. >> . the current owners are relocating to south carolina. and haven't received any promising officers offers yet. >> as far as lebron james. they heard he was a great neighbor. and very generous.
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glad you're with us tonight. a nine year-old boy hurt in a sledding accident fights to recover. community is showing support. and his family. >> . he was strucks by a car while sledding down a hill. h and tonight neighbors say they are praying for the driver as well. >> . here with with more on what they are doing. >> . for any parent the image is heartbreaking. a nine year-old boy. in the hospital. in critical condition. after an accident playing in the snow. tonight the boys neighbors want his team family to know they are not facing the struggle alone. >> we made some cards. there are so many people here. and all over. that are she reads. from a card she wrote. >> for nine year-old drew. >> i'm a mom. my kids gone down the same hill. >> around five o'clock tuesday evening. drew was sledding down a hill. in the med meadow lake subdivision in north ridge sreul. he slid into the street. s and was struck and critically
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>> i don't know the child. that was injured. nor the driver. but my son is about the same age. the child. >> . several neighborhood mothers part of the mommy club on facebook. are collectingng donations. including cards. to send to drew. and his family. they want to raise money. and send thoughts and prayers to them. as well as the 44 year-old driver of the car. involved in the accident. >> . after talking to them. about sledding danger. >> my 6 year-old put in there. drew i hope you feel better. i'm thinking about you. i hope you get out of the want hospital soon. >> . my oldest just said thinking about you. and drew a picture. >> cards will be collected at
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police station. a gopo fund me account for drew has been created. >> we all feel like we're helpless. and we just want to do something. >> . neighbors say they plan to collect cards. throughout theco holiday weekend. police say the accident remains you under investigation. >> . lots of support. and many prayers. >> the death touching a lot of people. >> no doubt. also angered a lot of people. the man accused of killing him tonight. faces a five million dollar bond. released from a hospital and now in jail. facing aggravated burglary. assault. and harassing a police police dog. and felonious assault charges. police say the dog died sundays after being wounded during an investigation of her grocery store break in.k the 3 year-old was shot 3 times.
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several dozens people held a vigil outside police headquarters. hehe will bebe laid to rest tomorrow. >> thehe handler told us he feels as if a part of him is missing. that he still called his name. the. >> governor is ordering flags at all public buildings and grounds in stark county to be flown at half staff. thursday. > fitting tribute. >> . police need your help to identify a robbery suspect. shows the man tackling a clerk. then putting a gun to his head. it happened sunday night at the shell station. in garfield heights. a customer walked through the store. during the hold up she was not hur.
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police say an alleged sexual assault may have never happened. earlier this month a woman reported being sexually assaulted. she described a number of suspects. and aa drawing was made. now police say there is no evidence to support a case. of sexual assault. >> . of course we all know guns and weapons. not allowed on airplanes -fpt today the tsa showing some of the stranger items people try
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>> amazing. of course the big story tonight. the browns have hired a new head coach. >> is hue jackson the man to turn the team around. >> . >> first question. you talk about the challenges that you face coming in. what is the biggest challenge that you face with the organization.
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>> the support is in place. to win here. it's going to take a different person to get it done. i think i'm that person to do it. >> what was the scouting report on johnny manziel. when you were with the ben gals. >> . i coached on offense. so i really didn't know what the scouting report was. obviously he's talented. he has skill. but at the same time like i said i'm going to evaluate every player on the roster. and see where they are. and how they fit. >> . how quick do you think you can turn it around. >> again. i don't have a time. but i know this. we'll work every day.
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>> stay with us. we'll have more on the introduction. later inin sports. and you can head to for continuing coverage. >> . all right. did you notice the clouds today. here was another example. of looking just simply looking up. forgetting all of this texting stuff. if you look up. you saw some grand picturesque clouds today. we have seen a lot of them in the recent couple of days. this with the advance of the next clipper. this is what is looked like this afternoon.
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board effect. up around between 8 and ten thousand feet. also. couple of backyard web cams. one from lake wood. from. and also from brunswick. you can see the same thing. at the same time. it was a textured sky for many of the f day. until the clouds thickened up. and produced snow.
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you can see some of the numbers here. again these are rough guesses. about an inch or inch and a a half. additional. generally less than an inch. and just cosmetic coating well to the south. snow ends tomorrow. and then afternoon sunshine. 34 degrees. there's the clipper moving away. jet stream is going to start to lift north. as it lifts north, the temperature will go from 34. up to 40. on saturday. but look at these numbers. just all over the place. and that's exactly why so far up to the point. we have this roller coaster. pattern. so.
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another front goes by on saturday. notice thehe temperature. and the lowest point on mono. that's another pool of arctic air. and on sunday with a clipper going by. behind it. that coldest core will be coming through yet once again. and so it will be several days. of clipper snow. lake effect snow. cold temperatures. windchills.. and below 0. probably sunday night and monday. then slowly but surely let that go.
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why family had to wait and wait for an ambulance. >> well. the delay it took so long. even emergency crews bickered with each other. >> . first to report this. here's what he found out. >> . >> we had no oe resources. >> the wait for an ambulance for this little girl. having seizures. a wait so long. the family lost patience. and a cleveland ems supervisor exploded when he said he heard chatter from a fire crew in the background. the city had sent firefighters
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>> . not knowing what could have happened to my daughter. >> . she didn't like getting caught in the middle. last week, a call for nine year-old. onon the city east side. city hall says to get an ambulance to the home, 31 minutes. >> . it tries to keep 18 ambulances rolling on the streets. when is call comes in. the service is expected to get help to those most in need first. >> .
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plans on doing. they needon to put a better plan in place. >>in . the family believes the wait fort an ems unit was even much longer than the city claim. the city department of public safety is currently investigating.
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seems the owner made the decision to leave it in the parking lot. right along the lake.
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while he went drinking. lake effect snow. stkp and low temperatures of course did that to the car. and it was stuck for several days. crews finally melted enough today to drag it out. and get it on a tow truck. >> . music fans now is the time. the eighth caller wins two tickets to see florence and the t machine. when they perform at blossom music center. >> u tickets go on sale this saturday.
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sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and...
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ultragel. cavs release this commercial today. >>
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coach in team history. h ending a ten day coaching search. hue jackson came to the facility. with thehe owners and a little over a half hour. to an hour later. he was on the podium. and answering questions about his second opportunity to be head coach in the nfl. he couldn't wait to get started. >> >> mr. jackson is very aware. of the browns. having been with the ben gals on two different stints. not to mention two seasons in baltimore. >> . this could be two year rebuild.
1:45 am
and flip the script. to good tides. sometimes even in just one season. >> . i'm glad he said that. i sure am. >> . we're on point. we understand exactly what is going to take. to put this roster together. to give us the best opportunity to be successful. >> . that's what they hope to be. meanwhile. reports surface. prior to jackson fire. he was in favor of moving on
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show. in cleveland. today. when asked about the young quarter back. > . i don't know johnny personally. i know o who he is. at the same time i think i have to give everybody ob on our football team the fair opportunity to see who they are. and learn who they are. and make decisions from there. >> still snow clipper moving through right now. an inch in most places. less tolt south. more in the snow belt community.
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we'll see sun tomorrow. and break from the chill. for about day and a half. until the weekend. after that. >> a breather there. of the tickets. all the time we have.
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